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Cortney Dixon joins ‘Women in Music Production’: Arts Council Funded Project

A project supporting women working in music production in the North East, led by Lisa Murphy.

The aim of the six-month project is to support the development of four north east based aspiring female music producers through mentoring, support and skills delivery in a variety of professional studio environments. Helping them to build a portfolio of music production work, real work experience and provide networking opportunities to gain future work in the industry.

The course was delivered in and around the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, mainly in a production studio in Heaton (Production Room) and recording studio in the Ouseburn area (Blast Recording Studios).

Cortney has loved every minute of the project, having written and self-produced 15 songs during lockdown, the course couldn't have come at a more perfect time in her career.

She posted on social media, "Sat in the big chair at @blankstudios having the time of my life despite looking absolutely mortified 😂. Over lockdown I really got into music production and with that released a self produced EP and took part in @lisamurphy_music 'Women In Production' course funded by @aceagrams and I’ve learnt copious amounts! I'm so grateful for the opportunity and I'm gutted the six month course is nearing its natural end but I can't wait to see where all this new knowledge takes myself and the other producers! The post-covid world is our oyster, lasses. 🥰"

Link to the post here.

Photo credit: Victoria Wai


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