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Cortney Dixon releases 'Freddie' Official Video

'Freddie' by Cortney Dixon, filmed by Rob Irish at Darlington Hippodrome. Released 21 December 2020.

'Freddie' is the penultimate song on Cortney's recently released 'Our Intuition' EP and it seemed only fair to create yet another beautiful video to accompany it, just in time for Christmas.

Posting on social media, Cortney says:

"What a crazy year, huh?! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy, safe Christmas, and here's to a much better New Year! 🎄 Thank you @robirishmedia for shooting this lush video for me in one of the nicest theatres around @darlingtonhippodrome! So sad to see no bums in seats, but I know 2021 is gonna bring loads of happy faces back to theatres and venues again! ❤️

This is a song called Freddie I wrote with Sam and Dan Burt many moons ago, but I feel it's only gotten better with age. I find I can write a song and move on from it quite fast, but this song followed me around for years and never left my side. It was lush to get to do a lil simple video for it! I say simple, I mean simple looking, because it wasn't so simple to get all in one shot, was it @robirishmedia? He's probably still lying on the stage after practically putting out his back."

'Freddie' is a song Cortney holds close to her heart. After finally finding the perfect pared-back production for it, Cortney is excited to have released it as part of her 'Our Intuition' EP. Written when she was 18, it's about the idea of having endless time and weighing up the pros and cons of living forever. With a simple combination of trem electric guitar and big, reverb-y vocals, the sound engulfs the listener, as if you were listening to it alone in an empty concert hall (how apt!). Quoting Freddie Mercury and Neil Young in the chorus 'Freddie used to sing, "Who wants to live forever?"... And Neil would always say, "Burning out is much better"' , it feels achingly bitter-sweet and nostalgic. A classic ballad, like one you'd remember from your childhood, but with a completely new and original sound.


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