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Cortney Dixon releases self-produced Lockdown single 'Man-Made Time'

'Man-Made Time' released 2 October 2020, is the first release from Cortney's upcoming 'Won't Feel Like This Forever' EP, written and self-produced in her bedroom during Lockdown. Listen to the track here.

Cortney says, "Man-Made Time is a song I produced herself in my bedroom over lockdown as a way to escape the craziness of the pandemic. I wanted to create something ethereal, dreamy and chill to take me out of my own body and counteract the feelings of uncertainty and isolation we were all strongly feeling at that time and I hope it has the same effect on other people. Within the layered harmonies, atmospheric synths and epic beats, you can hear influence from the likes of Kate Bush and Bon Iver. Man-Made Time talks about how important it is to allow yourself to lose track of time. People measure it in all kinds of different ways, but we don’t often have the opportunity to lose it completely. Over lockdown we had this rare opportunity and this song is all about urging someone I care about, who now feels completely lost as their usual regimented days and social nights have been taken away from them, to use this time to allow themselves to be still and reconnect with themselves and their inner creative. Throwing yourself into a creative project and discovering all of these amazing things your brain can do and achieve is something you do on the regular as a kid, but as adults we tend to lose the ability to do it so easily, it’s time to call upon your inner child. Time loses all significants in a burst of productivity, hours feel only like minutes, but minutes can feel like hours if you allow yourself to only sit and wait for the world to restart."

Cortney accompanies the release with a beautiful lyric video she co-produced with videographer and Darlo-legend Rob Irish. Watch it here:

Follow Cortney here 👇:


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