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Diives releases 'Covers, Vol.1' EP

Diives 'Covers, Vol.1' EP is released on 4 December 2020, featuring a compilation of favourite and "unlikely" covers. Listen to the EP here.

Diives ‘Unlikely Covers’ Live online gig during Lockdown received an amazing response and overwhelming love from old and new fans. A great vocalist and producer, he brings an alternative interpretation to every stellar song showcasing haunting, emotive and passion-fuelled arrangements for each story. To end 2020, he’s taking an interlude from releasing his own songs and releases a special EP of some of the most requested and favourite covers.

Diives talks about the songs on ‘Covers – Vol 1’:


The first time I heard this song, I could feel the desperation in what Sia was singing about and the raw emotion behind it. Suddenly, you get that much deeper/sadder meaning behind being a “Partier”.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

I was listening to ‘The Queen Is Dead’ from start to finish for the first time, this song hit me on another level. Johnny Marr’s guitar parts are really something else and Morrissey’s odd choice of lyrics captivated me from the beginning.


I’ll forever be a fan of Liam Gallagher but this song hit me differently for some reason. I was looking forward to the second single from his first solo album, but I wasn’t expecting this at all! It was so different to any of his previous work and I love the words.

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

You hear people say they hear a song and feel like the it was a written about their life. This song does that to me. I love to watch live videos of Arcade Fire because of the amount of energy they bring to their performances, and it’s no different on this song.

Ghost Town

I was sunbathing on holiday when I first heard this song, then a storm broke out and I was too into the song to care, so this was the soundtrack to me watching everyone scrambling to find cover and get inside. The song and lyrics have stuck with me ever since.

Fairytale of New York

This may be one of my favourite songs of all time. It has everything; comedy, romance, heartbreak, tragedy, an argument and it’s a Christmas song. I keep thinking I might get sick of it every time December rolls around, but I never do. I know I obviously can’t do the original any justice, but I had to try.

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