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Diives releases 'Little Fires' EP

'LITTLE FIRES' EP - Now available on all digital outlets

Diives, North Wales singer/songwriter and producer blasts back into view with his first 6 track EP of 2020. Following a massively productive run releasing a steady stream of music and playing continuous Live shows, another song writing roll has produced two EP’s for release this year and his debut album early in 2021. Diives’ skill for combining wonderfully crafted 3-minute gems with sing-along choruses and angst driven lyrics has drawn comparisons with DMA’s, Trampolene, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Gerry Cinnamon with influences ranging from Deftones, Nirvana and Radiohead.

Of the ‘Little Fires’ EP, Diives says:‘People often ask me what genre my music is, and I really don’t have one, but I prefer it that way. I never give a definitive answer, as that is almost like destroying the blank canvas in my mind. I’ve released an EP that was almost Electronic/Grime, since then I’ve released things that were more like Anthemic Synth Pop, but this is the most excited I’ve been about releasing anything. I suppose you could call this new EP Indie/Pop, but again, I don’t like labelling anything. I don’t really do that to the music I listen to and find it even harder to do it with the music I make. Either way, creating this EP has been so gratifying, from the music, to the production, to the lyrics. Listening back to it, as a whole, it feels like a story to me, a play-by-play of the last few years and I can’t wait to share it with everyone’.

To celebrate the release of the 'Little Fires' EP, Diives held a Live EP listening party on YouTube the week before its release. The Live stream received a great response, with viewers hearing the EP in its entirety, as Diives talked through the meaning and inspiration behind each track.

Watch the 'Little Fires' EP Listening Party below.

A big thank you to the good people over at Last Day Deaf for featuring the title track 'Little Fires’ in their ‘Now Alternative’ Playlist. Check it out here >>

For more Diives info:


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