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Ellie Moon joins the Deluxxe Artist Roster

We're thrilled to welcome North London indie-pop starlet and singer songwriter, Ellie Moon to the Deluxxe family!

In September 2020, Liverpool-born and Madrid-bred musician Ellie Moon joined our roster - and we couldn't be more excited!

The world is bound to fall in love with her quirky melodies, razor sharp humour and lyrics, which call upon the every-day and mundane to create her own unique brand of hits. Lyrically and melodically she is everything you would imagine the love-child of Jarvis Cocker and Gwen Stefani to be. The addiction to songwriting began as a teenager, having moved with her family to Madrid, she found her own way to foster a connection to her UK birthplace.

Ellie released her debut EP ‘Moonisms’ in June 2020. A new voice of a disillusioned generation, her lyrical universe encompasses everything from the pains of growing up living with the scrutiny of social media, spineless ex-boyfriends and keeping up with the likes of Kylie Jenner. She takes her cues from noughties pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Lily Allen, combined with classic and timeless sounds of Blondie, Pulp and Talking Heads.

Her sound is a glorious mix of groovy bass lines, sassy sounds of casio and infectious pop hooks. This powerfully upbeat, accessible pop sound is enhanced by Ellie’s self-deprecating lyrics, holding together each song with a charm that’s impossible to resist.

Showcasing her down to earth approach to songwriting, ‘Moonisms’ is an introduction to the world of Ellie Moon.

This year, she’ll debut her live show with a full band, as well as reveal her upcoming EP of new songs and her continuously developing sound. We can't wait!

Check out her EPK here for more news and info.

Follow Ellie here:


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