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Diane Wagg Steps Down As Chair of The MMF

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

After four years Diane Wagg steps down as the Chair of The MMF. Paul Craig (Nostromo Management) has been announced as the new Chair. 

Over this four-year period, the MMF’s membership has swelled by 35%. The organisation now represents more than 500 UK-based managers. With Diane putting diversity at the top of the MMF’s agenda, a third of current members are female, with a similar percentage aged under 30. BAME membership currently stands at 20% with the MMF committed to even greater inclusivity and widening the pool of managers it represents. 

Reclaiming time from MMF business has, neatly, arrived at the moment when the Deluxxe acts all have exciting developments on the way.  It also allows us to expand our consultancy services to young managers, artists, individuals and companies in the music industry – and opens up opportunities for new adventures!


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