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We are consultants and mentors to unmanaged, self-releasing artists and managers new to the music industry. We offer one-off advisory sessions and on-going series of sessions as desired.


Diane also provides personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions as a separate service. A qualified and experienced Personal Development Coach she specialises in coaching for the Arts, Creative and Entertainment world.


In an exciting and creative industry, which can be challenging with massive highs and lows, our passion is to offer support and inspiration combined with unique experience and up to date knowledge and skills as you navigate your journey to success. Our goal is to guide and help achieve a happy and thriving entrepreneurial career combined with resilience, inclusivity, mental health and well-being.


Drop us an email for more information or to set up a free 15-minute zoom chat:

WHO WE ARE: See 'Team'



"I've been working with Diane on and off for almost three years now. I'm a music industry exec, working in global operations in an artist services company but I started out as an artist! As a young female artist, I experienced the dark side of the industry and by my mid-twenties I was traumatised and struggling with my identity. I ended up almost giving up completely on a career as an artist to work on the business side. My hope was to use my experiences to help the artist community! After some time doing that, Diane helped me realise that I will always be an artist and it's my calling! Diane has supported me, advised me as an artist, sown into my confidence and encouraged me as an artist and young female music exec. Diane is smart, knowledgeable and respected in the industry while being beautifully authentic, nurturing and caring - she really helps me, so much! She is awesome!"  

- Kiki O'Connell, Singer, Songwriter & Producer 




"There aren’t too many in the music business that I would unreservedly recommend as someone to care for and develop artists, but I can say without hesitation that Diane is the best at it. Artists need the experience of Diane more than ever, something I am still grateful for myself. In my work supporting the development of artists and their wider skillsets there have been countless moments where she has offered essential guidance and advice to myself as a manager. We have been indebted to her at Karousel Music CIC for her always open door and for the coaching she has offered over the last 5 years."  

- Chris Sheehan 



"I have grown so much creatively in the past 3 years. Diane has been instrumental in the development and crafting of that creativity growth spurt. There were times I wanted to throw in the towel, when it all felt too much to keep doing, crafting, writing, producing, creating, singing, recording, designing… Diane knows the music industry, and what it takes to get your music heard and what it means to be an Artist. Diane could see the bigger picture ahead even when my vision became foggy and deflated until, I picked myself up, brushed myself off and kept going. I have realised the life of the Independent Recording Artist, and I could not have done it without the amazing and gracious, Diane Wagg in my corner." 

- EvieInTheWorld  



"As an accountant working in the music business I have seen many music managers and music consultants working with artists/producers and composers. My experience of seeing Diane work with our mutual clients has been to see her demonstrate her innate understanding of the business and what is required to carve a successful career. Diane has the highest of ethical standards and shows great care and consideration and understanding of her client’s needs and goals." 

- Margaret Cody 

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