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Cortney Dixon releases 'BANG BANG, HONEY HONEY', 15 July 2022


“There are hints of Sharon Van Etten in a jam with Billie Eilish"- Tom Robinson’s ‘Fresh On The Net’

“...the same sort of songwriting gene pool as classic 70’s stuff from the likes of Carly Simon and FleetwoodMac... and there’s more than a touch of - whisper it – Kate Bush about this ...” - The Crack

Introducing Cortney Dixon’s upcoming single 'Bang Bang, Honey Honey'... Following an unforgettable year diving into a world of sound and experimentation.The creative freedom that has come with her new found love of production has given her music a new edgier direction. Guitar driven, with big organic beats, her future releases have a heavier, distorted edge drawing from the likes of PJ Harvey. Mega guitar riffs and hook-laden melodies front Cortney's distinctive new sound. It's pop, powered by her love of indie-rock.


"Sometimes songs just want to be written.‘Bang Bang, Honey Honey’ came together with such ease that it practically wrote itself. I came up with the main riff while waiting for my band to arrive at practice. We jammed it out to an electronic drum beat and a huge 90’s synth, then the main chorus vocal was born and the lyrics materialised as a flow of consciousness.

The song is about being in love with your best friend, but not realising until it was too late. Even though you’re not sure if you want to fully commit, you don’t want anyone else to have them either... A selfish thing to think and feel, but we’ve all been there, right? So now, you’re banging on their door, begging them to let you back in. I imagined that classic scene of the hopeless romantic, outside their lover’s window with a boombox, pouring their heart out!

I knew I wanted the song to be fun, catchy, a little bit tongue in cheek, without taking itself too seriously. Although writing it came effortlessly, the full production proved quite difficult, as I wanted to keep the vibe captured in the initial demo. It had an anthemic feel but remained light and fun. After recording and re-recording the guitars, it eventually took shape, with most of the final vocals being taken from the original demo, recorded in my bedroom".

2022 and beyond sees a constant stream of addictive, powerful singles accompanied by cool, compelling music videos and edgy creative artwork–often inspired by Cortney’s love of 80’s glamour and gritty grunge-style imagery. Supported by Gemma Bradley on her Radio 1 BBC Introducing Show and a BBC Introducing in the North East Top Ten Tip, Cortney introduced her new songs Live on Big Screen TV. She’s headlined stages at North East festivals including Northern Kin and Durham Fringe festival, played international

showcases at SXSW Unofficial and Reeperbahn Festival, performed at a sold-out London Showcase and played a constant stream of gigs as well as Special Guest spots. As she emerges from months locked away in the studio, Cortney’s excited to be back Live and rocking out with her band and fans in her hometown of Newcastle-and with her new songs currently turning into ‘live bangers’ as the band take to this year’s UK festival stages including Deer Shed, Between Woods andStreams, A Stone’s Throw, Generator Live at South Shields Amphitheatre and more added constantly.

Cortney, a prolific writer, skilled guitarist and producer of her own music, continues repeat/new writing collaborations with both new and high-profile co-writers, including Jim Lowe (Producer of Stereophonics), Eg White (Adele/P!NK), Dan Smith (The Noisettes) and more. She has a non-exclusive deal for sync promotion with BMG label imprint, Fieldhouse Music, based in New York.


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