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Cortney Dixon releases self-produced 'Won't Feel Like This Forever' EP

The ‘Won't Feel Like This Forever’ EP released 23 October 2020, is a collection of songs Cortney wrote and self-produced in her bedroom over lockdown, purely for her own sanity, therapy and enjoyment. Listen to the EP here.

Cortney wanted to create something ethereal, dreamy and chill to counteract the feelings of uncertainty and isolation we were all feeling. On the lead track 'Telly', Cortney says:

"This song is a lament to all that was lost in 2020; the plans, the parties, the missed opportunities and the shared experiences. The feelings of boredom and sadness at times were overwhelming, so I wanted to write something to unite us all, taking comfort in the fact we were all feeling the same. I wanted to create a lo-fi pop lullaby to wrap it's warm and comforting sound around people, acknowledging and empathising with everything they're feeling, whilst shedding some light and hope on the situation. Ethereal, dreamy and chill with layered harmonies, glitchy-broken synths, lo-fi beats and a wink to neo-soul, this track is for swaying to on your sofa with a cuppa... or something stronger!

We're thrilled that ‘Telly’ was added to YouTube’s editorial playlists ‘Feminine Honey Voices’, ‘Young x Dazed’ and ‘Sine Language’.

Watch the lyric video here:

On 'Man-Made Time', Cortney says "this song is about the importance of losing track of time and reconnecting with our inner-child". Layered harmonies, atmospheric synths and epic beats draw influences from Kate Bush and Bon Iver. Watch the lyric video here:

'Hide' was an earlier song that Cortney re-recorded and brought back to life, as the lyrics felt so apt for this time. It has also been included in the EP because fans loved Cortney's live performance of the song on social media. Watch it here:

Cortney had the best time doing a rendition of the song 'Westside' by Motel Carnation, and was thrilled that the band were happy to let her include it on this EP. Watch her performance video here:

Follow Cortney here 👇:


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